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Live Country Music

We want you to take many good memories back home with you from your journey, which is why we provide entertainment on each of our our river cruises every night. Experience a unique opportunity to relax at the bar or the dining room while listening to the classical sound of many different music genres such as Country, Jazz, Rock, Blues and much more.

Exceptional Dining Experience

Dining with Wine in Restaurant

Enjoy a sumptuous breakfast in the morning, coffee and cake during the day and a unique dining experience with our excellent cuisine in the evening. Choose between 3 or 5-course-menues with locally sourced Appetizers, the Entrée created by master chefs and regionally inspired Desserts. We also take pride in the fact that we support regional farmers and growers.

Amazing Service

Anna Service

We always strive to provide the best service possible to our guests, so they can have a carefree and unique experience, that they won't find anywhere else in the world. Our attentive crew members will be more than happy to fulfill every wish you have and will go above and beyond to meet all your needs and expectations.

Why Choose Us


We offer the largest rooms on any cruise ship with private bathrooms and balconies.


Enjoy 1st class service from our All American Crew available 24 hours a day.


Be enchanted by our excellent cuisine created by master chefs.


Enjoy a delicious cocktail in the evening during the happy hour.


Participate in history lessons during the day and listen to live music in the evening.


Join one of the numerous exciting shore excursions on your cruise.


Elizabeth Barker

My family and I were looking for a new and unique experience for our vacation trip that we wanted to spend somewhere in the USA. We heard about Mississippi River Cruises and decided to give them a chance. It was a great decision and we will come back next year!

Mr & Mrs Douglas

We went on the 2-weeks cruise with the Mississippi Explorer with a lot of expectations, because we've heard good praise from our friends before. We were absolutely blown away by the nice team and also the other guests. We would love to come again next year and we encourage everyone to take this trip and have a wonderful experience.

Shannon Mckenzie

If you want to have an awesome relaxing vacation that is filled with rich scenery, great music and tasty food and you also like to enjoy a delicious cocktail like me, then the Mississippi River Cruises are the perfect choice for you. I highly recommend it.

Dorian Le

To be honest, everybody was trying to talk me out of this trip, because they told me it would be too boring for young people and I would be wasting my time. My girlfriend and I still decided to try the Mississippi River Cruise and it was a great time. The cruise is one really unique trip, you should try it.

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Our company was founded for the sole purpose of giving the American people the opportunity to have an amazing all-around river cruise experience, while exploring the historic waterways of the great Mississippi river. But we also see it as our responsibility NOT to disturb this sensible ecosystem. We therefore pay special attention to eco-friendliness with all our services.

Water Eco-Friendliness
Fighting To Preserve History and Nature With Mississippi River Cruises


Going on a Mississippi Explorer river cruise means going on an exciting journey with lots of things to see, learn and experience. Going on a Mississippi Explorer river cruise also means entering a very sensitive ecosystem and it is our top priority to conserve it the way it is - with all its wildlife and flora, its scenic backwaters, remote wetlands and creeks. Naturally, this is not an easy task! But there are certain precautions we can take to ensure that entering the Mississippi ecosystem goes without leaving a footprint.


The United States of America is one of the greatest countries in the world in so many ways. One of it is its great history that one can look back on and learn from. We as a company take pride in our part of preserving this history.

The Balance Between Nature and History

Nature conservation on the one, history preservation on the other hand; both equally important. The question is how can we balance the two? By refurbishing old paddlewheelers in an authentic way and modernizing them with up-to-date technology, we can guarantee that history will not be forgotten, but we can also reduce the negative impact this ships originally had on our environment significantly. The following list explains some of the measures we take in more detail:

- We use the same kinds of wood for the inside and outside of our boats, that were originally used in the past. To seal all wood that gets in contact with water, we use a special finish that mainly consists of natural ingredients. Our highly specialized contractor is the #1 expert for boat refurbishment out there. Covers for upholstered furniture are also replicas of original fabrics.

- Energy efficient water purification systems are installed on each of our ships to recycle wastewater and make it safe for human consumption. In just one day the ship can completely filtrate the water that is on board. Using the technology we don't have to drain any water into the Mississippi river.

- All rooms were designed to meet the style that brings history to life. Thereby we still had a focus on comfort and a feel-good effect.

- With our superb cuisine we combine traditional food with regional growers that provide us with fresh and local ecological fruits, vegetables, etc. every day.

- Wildlife specialists and historians are part of our crew and will provide you with insights about the life of ancient animal species that have belonged to the Mississippi river ecosystem for millions of years, such as the Mississippi map turtle, to bring awareness to the fact that many of these species are endangered today.

Learn More

If you are eager to learn more about nature and wildlife conservation, you can visit the official website of the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (link). The National Park Service provides more information for anybody who is interested in historical and cultural stories of the Mississippi National River and Recreation Area (link).

Mississippi Cruises and Why They Are Good for Your Health

The Right Choice

When it comes to choosing your vacation destiny, there are many factors that you have to take into consideration. First of all, everyone likes to go somewhere they have not been to before so they can spend their time exploring a new part of the world. Not many people like to stay in the inside and watch tv while they are on holiday and truth is, even if you do, it's not as good for your health as you might think. Usually people are on vacation ones or twice per year at most, so make the most of it, like cruising along the Mississippi with Mississippi Explorer river cruises.

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Recent studies have shown that traveling not only relaxes the brain and increases the secretion of the happiness hormones, it also helps the body to recover faster, when you are enjoying your time on vacation as compared to at home.When it comes to traveling inside the US there are thousands of amazing locations that you can visit, however not every location will be able to offer you an experience, where you can relax on the one hand and still go sightseeing and have an adventure on the other. One of the vacation locations that will be able to offer you that kind of experience are our river cruises.

What To Expect from Mississippi Explorer River Cruises

First and foremost all our river cruises offer a package deal, where you can relax and enjoy the scenery and partake in many on and offshore excursions, as well. Our passengers tell us that our cruises have a unique vibe to them, where the old is mixed with the new, so there is something for everybody to experience.

Customer satisfaction is very important to us. Therefore our crew members are available to you 24 hours a day. The crew will make sure that you don't have to worry about anything, so you can fully enjoy the journey with high-quality food made by professional master chefs and free housekeeping service whenever needed.

How Our River Cruises Positively Influence Your Health

We already know that an exciting and at the same time relaxing vacation does good on your well-being. Let's have a look at how our river cruises fulfill these criterias. Our cruises include:

- Family friendly on and offshore excursions that offer an exciting change to the relaxing cruise

- ​1st class service and a crew that is available to you around the clock (with free room service)

- Entertaining live music (country, jazz, blues and more) in the evenings

- Superb cuisine with varying 3 to 5-course-menues with healthy ingredients from regional growers

Join Us

We would be so excited to welcome you on one of our cruises this season! If you would like to get more information, check out our booking schedule. You can get your own free cruise guide brochure from us here and contact us with any enquiry you might have on this page.We wish all our readers a great vacation - The Mississippiexplorer Team!

Does Reverse Osmosis Remove Bacteria and Viruses?

We know about the importance of preserving the Mississippi river ecosystem, and the fact that we recycle our wastewater, using water purification systems installed on board of our ships, instead of releasing it into the Mississippi, has attracted a great deal of interest among our customers.

In general, they like the idea that by spending their holidays with Mississippi Explorer River Cruises, they don't contribute to the destruction of natural habitats and environmental pollution. They have heard about reverse osmosis systems, which filter contaminated water and make it drinkable.

At the same time, our customers don't know much about the topic. 'Does reverse osmosis remove bacteria and viruses?', 'Is recycled water really safe to drink?', 'Do the germs end up in the Mississippi?' are questions we get asked quite often. The following post provides the answers...

Reverse Osmosis Systems

Our purification systems apply pressure to filter wastewater. Thereby the water passes through a membrane embedded into the heart of each system. Dissolved contaminants are unable to pass through resulting in purified water coming out at the end. For extra safety, pre and post-filters are incorporated into our systems.

A filter membrane has a pore size of about 0.0001 micron. For illustration purposes, bacteria such as E. coli and salmonella are about 0.2 to 4 microns in size, which means that they  are way too large to fit through the pores.

According to a report published by the CDC reverse osmosis systems have a very high effectiveness in:

- removing protozoa (e.g. Cryptosporidium, Giardia),

- removing bacteria (e.g. Campylobacter, Salmonella, Shigella, E. coli)

- removing viruses (e.g. Enteric, Hepatitis A, Norovirus, Rotavirus).

So to get back to your first question: Does reverse osmosis remove bacteria and viruses? Yes, it does and it does so very effectively.

Is recycled water really safe to drink? Yes, it is. You can find additional proof for it in every supermarket in the country. Drinking water that you can buy in a supermarket was processed using reverse osmosis in 90% of the cases. On the bottle label it therefore often says 'purified by reverse osmosis'.

Above that, millions of Americans own a reverse osmosis filtration system themselves and have it installed in their homes. These devices are smaller compared to our systems and quite affordable. If you are interested to learn about them, follow this link: https://www.best-ro-system.com.

Water Disposal

Our purification systems don't kill bacteria or viruses. They weren't designed to do that. The germs are just removed from the water and rinsed out of each system with all other contaminants.

So, where do the filtered out bacteria and viruses end up? Do they end up in the Mississippi river? The answer is short and simple; No, they don't! They are stored in a septic tank and later end up at a disposal station. There the water gets treated with UV-light, which destroys every living organism.

Don't Worry, Be Happy

As you can see, there is no reason to worry about drinking recycled water, when you are on board of one of our river cruisers.

The water is 100% safe for everyone - toddlers, kids of all ages, pregnant women and older people...

The is no need to rack your brain, either, over filtered out germs being released into the Mississippi river, where they could do damage. All germs are safely stored on board and later disposed.