While the company was formed to provide a unique experience to the American citizens, we have also been a leader in the industry when it comes the recycling. The ships that are used in our fleet have been refurbished since they represent a unique time in the US history and we would not let that history disappear. As a company that provides a unique service, we constantly strive to modernize our services while still maintaining the uniqueness of the old. Our ambitions are easy to understand but quite a hard task to accomplish. Our goal has always been to provide the best possible experience while at the same time we continue to protect the waters that we use for our fleet.


The fact is that technology has improved significantly and while at the same time people want a unique experience they also want the commodity that the technology provides. This is where our work ethic comes into play. With our experts in the field, we look to modernize both the commodity while at the same time we try to protect the nature and the uniqueness of the history of the Mississippi River. We will continue with improving our methods and will aim to stay on the top of the list when it comes to companies that support recycling.

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