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Our Mississippi Explorer Riverboats

Our Explorer riverboats are uniquely designed and capable of navigating in shallow areas of the Mississippi Rivers wildlife refuge. These scenic side channels and backwater sloughs are inaccessible to other local commercial passeger vessels. Our fleet of seven Mississippi Explorer vessels are U.S. Coast Guard inspected, certified, and built to stringent safety standards. All our vessels offer guided tours with narrations from local experts.

Our specially designed enclosed vessels offer your group event protection from the cold, heat and inclement weather. Other onboard amenities offer guests relaxing and comfortable cruises.

  • All vessels are U.S. Coast Guard certified and inspected.
  • Our Captains are licensed by the U.S. Coast Guard.
  • Our Crewmembers are enrolled in a required U.S. Coast Guard D.A.P.A. program.

Mississippi Explorer VII

Our other "big" boat and sister ship to the Mississippi Explorer III. U.S.C.G. inspected and rated to carry up to 98 passengers. Amenities include: Open front deck, spacious cabin, air conditioning and heat, large viewing windows, rest room, PA/entertainment system, carpet, padded seating, and much more. This specially designed enclosed vessel offers your group event protection from the cold, heat, and inclement weather. A 3-ft x 6-ft table can be setup for onboard catered meals and events.Although enclosed, the large sliding glass windows and doors allow great wildlife viewing in all kinds of weather conditions!