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Photo Gallery

28 June 2013: Parents watch as Bald Eaglet takes First Flight 14 June 2013: Parent and Bald Eaglet 28 May 2013: Parent and Baby Bald Eaglet 18 May 2013: Baby Bald Eaglet 18 May 2013: Bald Eagle 18 May 2013: Parent and Baby Bald Eaglet Wedding Party Cruise through the Mississippi River Backwaters American White Pelican Eagle in Flight Egret Great Blue Heron Great Blue Heron in Flight Muskrat Fall Foliage Along the River Water Lily River Otters at Play River Otter Beaver Beaver Whitetail Deer Trumpeter Swans Swan & Geese Turtles Lotus Flower Mink-May 2013 Mallards-May 2013 Belted Kingfisher Fawn in the Weeds Mink Muskrat Huts Osprey Painted Turtle Raccoons Red Fox River-Otter Sandhill-Cranes Three-Eagles Wood-Duck Mallard and her Ducklings
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